Shahrokh Sound of K – Dripping Point

DJ, producer and music club owner – Shahrokh Dini teams up with Andreas Kohler (aka Andy Fabulous) as ‘Shahrokh Sound of K’, the deep house project formed back in 2006 that can be found on the influential Compost ‘Black Label’.

Where Shahrokh started DJ’ing back in 1995, Andreas was a student of classical music, working as a professional pianist and cello player in the SWR Symphony Orchestra whilst aquiring a taste for electronica.

After a successful debut single with the 2006 release ‘Owl Flight’ the guys followed up with an overwhelming contribution to the 2007 compilation ‘Compost Black Label Series Vol.2′ (Taking their track ‘Chicago’) and now prepare to release their debut long player entitled ‘Dripping Point’.

Taking influence from the 80′s Chicago house sound ‘Shahrokh Sound of K’ are bucking the current trend for ‘Minimal’ instead preferring to highlight the melodic side of house as demonstrated with last year’s ‘Chicago’ funk workout.

It’s easy to see why the ‘Shahrokh’ sound is comparitable that that of Sonar Kollectiv’s Ame. Andreas Schorpp is probably the reason why. Responsible for mixing and engineering not only every Ame track since 2003 Andreas has now turned his attention to the ‘Sound of K’.

Featuring the vocal talents of Australian singer Jamie Lloyd and Swedish songstress Siri Svegler ‘Dripping Point’ achieves a coup by aquiring the services of the unmistakable (And on form) Robert Owens. After a few raised eyebrows and heavy rotation we were impressed with what we were hearing.

Rather than rant paragraphs of drivel we thought the best way for you to get an idea of what you can expect from ‘Dripping Point’ was to put together a sampler mix featuring a few tracks taken from the album.

Shahrokh Sound Of K’s ‘Dripping Point’ is scheduled for release on 7th November 2008 on Compost Records. We suggest you grab yourself a copy and while your waiting check out the guys previous releases.

Here’s the full track list, click the links below for the ‘Shahrokh Sound of K – Dripping Point’ sampler mix:

  • Break It Down feat. Jamie Lloyd
  • Letting You Go feat. Siri Svegler
  • Love Happens feat. Toyin Taylor
  • Leave Your Hat On feat. Siri Svegler
  • Llike
  • Time & Again
  • Big Boys feat. Toyin Taylor
  • See The Light feat. Siri Svegler
  • Roya
  • Perfect Stranger feat. Robert Owens
  • Super Size Cup feat. Jamie Lloyd
  • After All feat. Robert Owens
  • Old Score

‘Shahrokh Sound of K – Dripping Point’ Sampler Mix

Sampler mix features tracks: Old Score>Love Happens feat. Toyin Taylor>Super Size feat. Jamie Lloyd>After All feat. Robert Owens.