New Beppe Loda Exclusive Mix

A mysterious package arrived in the post today.

On the back, a postal address from the sender in Brescia, Italy. It can only mean one thing…

Beppe Loda has sent us a couple of new mixes, exclusive to Cosmic Disco!

No other information was provided other than recollections of a brief conversation we had a month or two back that he would send us some new music for the site so enclosed in the envelope was x2 CD’s with ‘Beppe Loda’ scribbled on the front in marker pen, so we don’t know when he made these mixes or have a clue what most of the tracks are but this mix is Beppe at his best with a mix (Clocking in at just under an hour) of Brazilian and Latin funk with a smattering of New Wave-Electronica.

Beppe’s mix CD No.2 will be uploaded to the site next week, so until then enjoy the latest mix from the master of Afro-Freestyle.

Have a good weekend.



    The mysterious ones are the best. Thanks man. Peace

  • baggy

    wait till you hear next week’s mix.
    wow. :)

  • rinseitout

    Theres some reet little beauties in here, wish a tracklist was going, nice work in making this available for all.

  • Mr. Chiz

    Thanks for this wonderful mix. It could be from ’84 as I spotted a few tracks from that year:

    Konk – Your Life
    Jasper Van’t Hof – Pili Pili
    Manu Dibango – Abele Dance
    King Sunny Ade – Oremi

  • baggy

    Good work Chiz.
    Any more for any more?

  • djaliboo

    i was there when beppe mixed this incredible sound!!!! but the saga continues again from the typhoon to the future…………..djalifunkybù

  • baggz

    Just had word from Beppe that the mix is from when he played Club Cosmic in 1984.
    Listening back to the 2nd CD (Available from Friday) it sounds as though it could be part 1 of a 2hr mix, the above latin mix being the 2nd part of his set…
    Make sure you hit us back on Friday.

  • Philipp

    this is so stunning. actually the first beppe-mix i listen to. it seems that everything is true, indeed. thanks for posting.

  • Markus

    Great Sound!
    I remember some tracks from my mixes!
    I love this style!
    Waiting for tomorrow ……..

  • Markus

    Well, I do not think it is a live mix from the Cosmic Disco in Lazise. It is mixed too proper for this time. Even the recording is too clean compared with all aothre recordings I have from Cosmic Disco (Daniele Baldelli, T.B.C., a.s.o.). But maybe he remastered or re-mixed it.
    Anyway great sound!!!

  • Mike

    I made a comment a while back on this site that I wasn’t too sure that the supposidly 1982 or 84 mix Baggy sent me on a cd was actually from that period.

    As an someone who frequented clubs on a weekly basis from 1980 onwards (including numerous visits to the Hacienda in the pre house years) I had never heard music mixed like this before.

    I really doubted this too. However, after being given private mixes of Levan from the same period by Victor Rosado where he perfectly mixes the tunes on fairly primitive booth equipment, I just put it down to the pure skill of the dj.

    After hearing this mix and the Levan 81 mixes, I have no reason to doubt that it was recorded live where the dj said it was.

    I can see where you are coming from mate, and I would have agreed with you, but now I just think that a dj of the calibre of Levan or Loda did that mixing with two decks and a two channel mixer.

    Amazing music. I have had that Konk record for over twenty years and it sounds like it was made yesterday.

    Also, you crate diggers should look for the afro stuff produced by Bill Laswell of that period. All quality stuff.

  • skyhill

    Awsome…..loving this music..older tunes sounding fresh…..nice

  • Markus

    Hi Mike
    You may be right. But anyway:
    Two times the same track on a one-show-live-mix?
    e.g. listen to pili-pili on part1 (near the end) and then again on part 2 near the beginning (3rd track i think)
    this might be a bit strange – or he liked this track so much ;-)
    however hte mixes are GREAT!!

  • Markus

    Can you tell me where to get some Mixes of Bill Laswell?

  • baggy

    Try Discogs Markus.
    He did the ambient dub mixes of Bob Marley did’nt he?

  • Getting Into Something

    Hi Markus, as far as I am aware, Laswell does not do any dj sets, but as Simon says, try something like Discogs to point you in the right direction for Bill Laswell.


  • Beppe Loda

    ahh ahh ahh !!!
    the youngs djs !!!!!
    the tape is BL 3/84 and it was recorded into discoteca COSMIC (live set) maybe in late september or early october.
    but actualy it was one of my lasts set at TYPHOON in july 84 .
    it is also reworked with computer program denoise compressor ecc.. ecc.. and remastered on cd from original tapes c 60.
    the track of pili pili closed the side “a“ with fade out (i turned to the side “b” ) and restarted again recording with fade in.
    all the best for everybody !

    beppe loda

  • baggy

    Thanks for that Beppe.
    Hey, your English is getting better too!
    ps – Beppe is an honorary Mancunian… ;)

  • Beppe Loda



  • JJ

    love this, nice one beppe!

    21mins – 22. now that’s mixing.