‘Sol, Luna, Estrellas’ [Sun/Moon/Stars] A Balearic inspired mix by H+H.

H & H – Sol, Luna, Estrellas Balearic mix

Long time collaborators; Harriman & Hawk have assembled mix which encompasses a selection of records from the mid 1980s through to 1990. The mix was originally imagined as the soundtrack to a journey through Ibiza of old and was recorded in 3 parts. Here’s how they describe the mix.


A selection of down temp music, as could be heard during the day time and at sunset and early evening sessions at Cafe Del Mar.

Percussive beats, cover versions, R&B, trumpets & horns, soul vocals, preaching, early leftfield house music typified by broken beats, pianos, synth driven cosmic disco, Spanish inspired flamenco rhythms, eastern infused rhythms, pan pipes, dub, reggae, gospel, easy going funk guitars, laid back vocals, jazz funk, acid jazz. The kinda thing you might have heard during the daytime.


A selection of mid tempo music – imagine strolling on down through the bars of San Antonio, on to Es Paradis.

Crazy acid house, Belgian New Beat, bass driven US Deep House, African vocals, off the wall Euro House, Italian Piano driven House music… warming you up for the club.


Finally journeying further out into the night & on to the madness of the clubs Amnesia & Ku, Space & Pacha – more up-tempo music.

A heady mix of Euro Acid House, House Cut-Ups, early Techno, tripped out house typified by gated vocals… a mad mash up of obscure dance music.

All 3 mixes have been edited together in one marathon length session. It contains “The full spectrum of the bizarre”.

The mix clocks in at nearly 4 hours with all the tracks from the mid to late 80s up to 1990 apart from 1.

You can follow Harriman who arranged the concept and Hawk who mixed and edited on Soundcloud.